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What is the FCMA?

The FCMA is a non for profit organization whose main purpose is to support and promote COUNTRY MUSIC in the state of Florida

The FCMA was organized in 1975 to bring COUNTRY MUSIC artists, fans, songwriters and the country music industry closer together in Florida. There are 6 chapters state wide

What does the FCMA do?

Each chapter holds a monthly COUNTRY MUSIC JAMBOREE, an annual talent contest, has monthly business meetings, maintains a musicians referral service, has family picnics and publishes an informative monthly newsletter

Who is eligible and how much?

Anyone of good character, who loves COUNTRY MUSIC can join. You do not have to be a picker or a singer, fans are invited to join. We have individual & family memberships. Individual membership is $20.00 the first year then $16.00 each renewal year. Family membership includes member & or spouse & children under the age of 18. We need you!!!! So fill out an application and send it and your fee to:


C/O Jean French

7107 Cocos Drive

Orlando, Florida 32807

JOIN NOW - Application

For more info call 407 277 5786